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JULY, 2020

The most effective way to increase employee and

customer loyalty today. Hint: it's easy!

Employees and customers need you, now. To be more clear - they need to hear from you. They need assurance and reassurance. They need to know that you understand what they are going through and how you are approaching the situation to help them. Nothing makes people feel appreciated like sincere communication - no buzz words, no corporate speak - just straight talk. When you don't have an answer, tell them. Listen, and they'll respect your honesty. 


The tools are simple and varied based on the situation: virtual town hall meetings, one-on-one phone calls, a personal note or email, even a text. Mobilize your customer-facing personnel to expand the reach.



Connect with customers and employees frequently, but at least monthly on a more formal basis. You probably reached out to customers and employees at the start of the pandemic, but in between conversations and information, they start to guess, assume and worry. 


Keep your message short, sincere and directed to what matters most to them. When appropriate, make a sensible related offer, invite them to meet or provide input. 


People do business with people, not companies. More communication during difficult times shows employees and customers that they do matter.


Hearing directly and personally from the leader is important; the leader sets the direction and makes the decisions after all, but just one layer of communication is not sufficient. Hearing multiple levels, including their direct daily contact is just as critical.

Why not?

It doesn't take months to plan or implement. You can start today on your own or contact The CGO Group. We're happy to have a discussion, be a sounding board for you or implement a turnkey program.  

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