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Failure to adjust

As a basketball aficionado, I watched all of the Bucks games and most of the league's play-off games to date. Has Coach Bud of the Milwaukee Bucks provided us with a new definition of insanity? The failure to adjust. Asking your players to get on the court and do the same thing night after night, but just harder and better, didn’t work. Not surprising.

Is it really that simple? Did the coaching staff not make the right adjustments or did the players not implement the new strategy? Chances are there were a multitude of issues.

In the end, the win goes to coaches and players who analyze their opponent, adjust their strategy - dynamically and in real-time. Business is no different. Failure to adjust and just work harder will not lead to desired results in this environment. We are living in an ideal moment that allows us to step back, consider the new challenges and find the new opportunities. They exist - and start with an open mind.

When you're ready to explore new possibilities, please accept our invitation for coffee and a conversation. What have you got to lose? After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


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