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Get customer insight, gain competitive advantage.

Sure, you've been talking to your customers a lot lately, working hard to reassure and retain them; asking them how you can help during these difficult times. But are they comfortable telling you how they really feel? In this environment, what really matters is truly understanding your customers, their experience, desires and needs, both met and unmet.

Not only do customers appreciate the opportunity to be heard, but they offer a gold mine of strategic and actionable insights to help your organization rise above your competition. We're not talking online or mail-in surveys. At The CGO Group, we're a fan of one-on-one customer interviews because of the unmatched intel they provide.

  1. Reveal why customers behave a certain way and what's really important to them.

  2. Learn how customers perceive your organization and your competitors.

  3. Debunk long-held myths about what your customers think and value.

A minimum of five key customer interviews will allow patterns to emerge, and deep information to be gathered, but our preference is to interview ten customers or stakeholders. Interviews can be conducted effectively by phone, video or in-person depending on the customer's comfort level. Asking permission for 30 minutes of their time typically leads to a one-hour enthusiastic discussion, rich with information. All customer feedback is completely anonymous, which provides an extra layer of comfort for the person being interviewed. However, the most important success factor is to use an interviewer who is objective, a great listener and has a comfortable, trustworthy manner who can probe in an encouraging manner.

The time has never been better to capture customer insights. To get started, contact The CGO Group. We're happy to meet and discuss options. We love to offer insights that can help your business grow and prosper.


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