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Getting ahead of the curve

Sure, resources are tight and demands are high. Due to the slow learning curve of how to conduct business and live safely in a coronavirus era, companies are bracing for a longer term 'new normal.' As an optimist, I call it the perfect time to re-evaluate your organization's position in the market, strategy, infrastructure and investments. During the Great Recession of 2008, many companies re-evaluated their business model and invested in automation, customization and higher potential employees. Now, to get ahead of the curve, it may be time to improve your data, consider machine learning, artificial intelligence, improved ecommerce and digital experiences to augment customer experience and increase efficiency.

As I network and raise awareness for the services we provide at The CGO Group, I have met many smart, local companies that provide these future-forward services for the next stage of company growth. Southeastern Wisconsin is loaded with agile companies that can help your business meet its next challenge head on. Interested in AI or machine learning? Talk to Brad Zepecki at Octavian Technologies. Interested in a B2B e-commerce platform for your wholesale distribution center? Contact Kris Harrington at GenAlpha. Or need help managing your IT systems? Don Weber at New Resources Consulting is the man. Time to strengthen your leadership team? Scott Rasmussen at Lauber Business Partners will help with your executive search. Want to understand customer sentiment and finetune your customer success strategy? Well, that's what we do at The CGO Group.


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