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Beth Borst

Beth brings a unique combination of skills to The CGO Group including strategic planning, product development, business development, customer relationship management, communication and marketing. Her business experience spans multiple industries including manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, higher education, hospitality and financial services.

"I know what’s involved in starting your own business, having founded Brew City Cigar Festival in 2013, and more importantly the adjustments and agility needed to successfully nurture it. With any venture I tackle, my goal is to build camaraderie, set clear expectations, creatively problem solve and actively communicate for optimal results."

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Marimae Wilson

Marimae offers an extensive background in brand management and implementation via content marketing, creative design, customer communications, website management, marketing automation and event management. She has 25 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing communications with a strong focus on ensuring all efforts drive a positive customer experience.

"I love working with leaders who are passionate about their business, what they offer their customers and the employees who help them do it each and every day. A little fun thrown into the mix makes it all the better!"

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